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  1. What is gamersaloon?
  2. Who is it for and how does it work?
  3. Is it worth it – can it be trusted?
  4. Can I really make money playing cash prize competition?
  5. How do I sign up?


1. What is gamersaloon?


ESports Pioneer Since 2006. is the global leader in skill-based, cash prize online competitions for console, PC, browser-based and mobile games. It essentially offers online video game players the ability to compete in head-to-head and multiplayer tournaments for cash prizes. Established in 2006, GamerSaloon has more than a million members and has awarded more than $60 million in prizes. GamerSaloon live events and broadcasts have been bringing the competitive gaming experience to audiences around the world for a decade. is the primary property of Beyond Gaming, LLC, which also operates Beyond Gaming Entertainment. Beyond Gaming Entertainment produces live tournaments and brings the live gaming experience to special events.


2. Who is it for and how does it work?

Create a challenge, browse open challenges, or challenge a player that’s online now. Link up online and play your match. Report your results and get paid!

Most obvious questions are… do YOU like GAMING COMPETITIONS and are you a STRONG GAMER? If you answered YES to these two questions, is totally designed for you. Let the call of the cash prize reach you. Although you are most likely to score big if you are a skillful gamer, you can also take advantage of these online competition to play against the best and harden your skills if you are a beginner. Try it once, you don’t have a lot to lose. Except if loosing a game scares you away? It might not be for you then.

Here are a few games you are going to miss out if you don’t try. Compete against high, medium and rookie level players among those popular games and more : Fortnite, UFC 3, FIFA 20, NHL 20, NBA 2K20, Mortal Kombat 11, MLB The Show 19, Apex Legends, WWE 2k20, Street Fighter 5.

Here’s how it works? This is the easiest question of all :

  • First sign up for free.
  • Fund your account (don’t forget your BONUS at the end of this post).
  • Play in the tournament of your choice.
  • Qualify in the top 10 and cash your prize via PayPal.


3. Is it worth it – can it be trusted?

Gamersaloon is one of the best cash prize winning tournaments platform. By 2016, The company brand has made ranking # 2034 in Inc 5000 (List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies – Inc Magazine) and keeps thriving with success year after year. People are making money at gamersaloon. Don’t just take my words for it… Gamersaloon gave away $68 (CA $91.34) MILLION IN PRIZES AWARDED SINCE 2006.

A little bit of investment can turn into BIG return at GamerSaloon. How would you like to WIN $5,000 for a $5 investment. Yes, there is a little bit of a fee to enter each tournament (ranging from $3 and up) but, let me tell you that if you think you are a PRO, you can make a 1000% cash back in some particular tournaments. That is serious out of this world ROI (return on investment). There is plenty of success story on the site. One player named Lesismoor earned $6 000 in a tournament.

Go check it out and take a free tour on the site here and look for testimonials of online players who made it happened!


4. Can I really make money playing cash prize tournaments?


Yes you can! The first and most obvious ways to make money at gamersaloon is definitely to play in cash prize competition like I have already mentioned. For example, lets say you enter a tournament that costs $3 entry Fee and the return cash prize is $10. It can go up to $50 and more for some special tournament. Because there are no limits of entry per day, If you can achieve wining tournaments like this 20 times a day all week-long (equals: $140/ day X 5 days a week = $700 per week).

Pretty decent to make that kind of money from the comfort of your couch! It doesn’t mean, and I am not affirming that everyone can achieve these numbers, but it is possible to earn on regular basis on this platform. It all depends on your skills and the efforts you are willing to put into it.

But the possibilities doesn’t top off at making money with cash prize. There is also other ways. Sponsorship! Here are few interesting options offered in their program.

  • Online and Live tournament sponsorships
  • Banner advertising, on-site and mobile
  • Broadcast stream takeovers
  • Sponsored prize packages and promotions


If you already have a Twitch or Youtube channel, these options could be very much bringing you some good side income. The best part about sponsorship it that you get to play more. While making money playing in cash prize, advertise your sponsored ads on your streaming channel.

These practices are no secret to this day now, but if you would like to learn a bit more about how to master these practices, I am inviting you to read this article (12-ways-to-earn-money-streaming-like-a-pro-gamer-in-2020) on my blog.

There is also one last less know option possible to enroll in at gamersaloon. If you know what affiliate marketing is, you can sign up for the referral program where you get a commission every time someone registers with your unique referral link. You can promote this link anywhere you want! Either on your Youtube/Twitch channel or simply on a website/blog, google Ads or a Facebook fan page for instance.


5. How do I sign up?


All you have to do is to sign up and fund your account to start participating in tournaments on Click on the links below and claim your bonus!

Game ON with a bonus from money4gaming!!

There are matches ready to play on GamerSaloon now. Sign up, set up your profile, and fund your account with this welcoming $5 bonus to start playing for cash.



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  1. Hey Olivier 

    Thank you for the informative article . It will come in handy for my kids who love gaming and have also been looking for a way to monetize their stay online. I guess there is nothing to lose because the investment is very little. Actually there is more to gain as you stand the chance to win some money but you will also be developing your skills as you play with the best.

  2. This looks like a good way to be ablel to make some money while playing games online. It’s the first time that I am hearing about gamersaloon and I think that it is good to be able to use this one to enjoy online gaming too. I like the way you have explained this and the way the platform has also structured it’s payment. I think it is worth the try.

    1. Thanks for your comment Suz. Very appreciated. There is usually no gain without a bit of investment, whether it is  credits of time or entry fees. It is such a rewarding feeling when you win your first prize.

  3. hellllooo admin, thanks alo for sharing these wonderful and amazing article with us all, i was actually doing some research online when i saw these post, i also really wants to thank you for the effort you put into bringing up these site, i believe these is exactly what my son needs his a gamer and i believe he will find all theses information nice

  4. Great article on how to make money through gaming tournaments.  This is a great option for all the gamers in the world. I also like that it seems pretty low risk. Plenty of us spend 5 dollars on things we will never get a return,  so why not spend it on something fun and a chance at getting a windfall. 

  5. Hi 

    It seems to be an interesting concept and I can see it is a great way of making money, but to earn a decent amount you must have a skill level that is quite good. If you want to rank highlighly in a competition then you must be prepared  to place hours and hours of practice. In that time of practice you will not be earning  any money and any money you will eventually  win is not guaranteed. For those who are great at game playing will surely make a lot of money but to many it seem like a pipe dream. 



    1. Thanks for your comment Antonio. Indeed, it does require good gaming skills and most participants should be avid gamers in order to earn their rewards.

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