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  1. How can I sell coins?
  2. Where can I sell my coins?
  3. How much can I get for my coins?


1. How can I sell my coins?

Usually, There is three options offered to you when comes the time to sell your coins for real money. Those options may differ depending on which platform you are using for trading.

  • PLAYER AUCTION (Manual or Automated trading)
    Most commonly in a P2P (Peer to Peer) form of exchange from one player to another, you will be able to use platforms that are offering this service to conduct your trades. You can have the manual or automated options on most trading platforms out there.


    This one requires a little bit more advance skills, or should I say… authority, to be eligible in this program on most trusted platform. You will go under additional verification and it is usually only offered to experienced suppliers. The reasons is simple, you will be acting as a freelancer trader operating under your own name/brand. In order to keep their site authority and trust, the creators of the platforms will need to run a background check on you.I think It’s relatively understandable according to the fact that you will be solely responsible for the quality and delivery of your game assets through a third party vendor.


    If you are not familiar with API (Application Programming Interface) here’s what it means ; This is a concept in software technology that essentially refers to how multiple applications can interact with and obtain data from one another. In other words, what that means is that your will use an API protocol to connect your application to the platform you will be trading/selling your coins. In this particular case here, we are talking about an AUTOMATED trading BOT. There are many trading bots on the market out there but, I do recommend FUTMillionaire as it is one of the most performing App right now. There is actually a new release out since October 2020. Click here to read my review ; futmillionaire review.


2. Where can I sell my coins?

There is also a multitude of platforms that you can use to sell your coins. Down below you will find a list of some trusted platforms where your investments and accounts are protected. It is FREE to sign up as well. You will only have to accept the small fee they will be deducting on your sales when a deal is made.

It is the way to go in the market. They are offering this unique service, connecting with other players around the world and managing the platform. You only have to sell valuable assets and make profits. Just like you, they also have to make profits on their investments.

On most of these platforms, you can either sell or buy coins and assets from various games but, the only one we are interested in is FIFA. All those sites mentioned below are trading FIFA coins.

Combined with a powerful tool like an Autobuyer/Autobidder App bot, you can make serious coins and money with FIFA. Don’t forget the review I wrote for you here : futmillionaire review.



Want to learn more on where to sell your coins, visit some of the platforms here : playerauctions, myDGN,, buyfifacoins


3. How much can I get for my coins?

According to my deep research on the subject, this part of the deal is not so easy to master or understand as it is fluctuating just like the stock market of Wall Street. You need to know that there are many factors that can make the price of coins vary from time to time.

Without going into the mathematics behind the numbers, here are a few variables that makes your coins balance on the rise or the low side of the spectrum.

  • Price Variation by Platforms.
  • Price Variation by Supply and demand.
  • Price Variation by sellers.


In the end, I have found that the average value for FIFA coins, as I am writing this post in 2020-11-07, is this ; $1 US can be worth 10 000 coins. It is fair to say that you can get your hands on 100 000 coins for $10 US or less.

Hope this article as been helpful!



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  1. There are lots of ways to earn online and to every platform, there can be different means of payment, I mean what they pay with, it can be difficult to be able to trade some. This article about fifacoin will need very helpful in showing people how to sell it and get their money. Thanks for the help, very resourceful

  2. Wow! I never actually thought that this could be possible to actually trade your coijns for money on FIFA. I stopped playing FIFA in 2019 since there was too much troubles and little to no upgrades in the game. However, I never knew about the potentials of selling your coins on FIFA before. This is definitely a worthy boast for me. If I could get my login back and I am sure I could do some well with this.

    Surely a good one to see here and I’m definitely trying all these out here. Thank you so much for sharing here with us all

    1. Thank you Tracy. I am really happy you found my site. Well, I hope you can make good use of these Apps and all the opportunities available out there to make money playing games. Glad you found this post very useful. Cheers!

  3. Hi Olivier, 

    What a fabulous site idea! A website for making money from playing online games. Wow! This is a winner for sure. This is a great site and I think u have worked really hard at it.

    FIFA coins are a new rage and I too wish to know where I can buy some coins. I am also a Fortnite player and spend a lot of time on the game, all day. So I loved reading about how to make money from Fortnite. 

    Thanks for this fabulous site. I will bookmark it for later and hope to keep reading your great blogs.



    1. Thank you very much for your kind comment Aparna. I hope you will keep finding what you need here to help you succeed on your quest to make money playing games. Cheers!

  4. Hello Olivier and thanks for your post.

    Nice subject you have on your website, to make money with gaming. You have very good information on how to trade FIFA coins for real money, including trustworthy sites and apps. What I don’t in the first place is how to get those coins 🙂 of course, if you are reading this post is because you do have some background on the subject, either you have coins to sell, or you are curious about how can you do it. But it would be nice to have your input on it (maybe a link to an already existing article?).

    Apart from that, it’s a good article, clear and up to the point, an easy reading. and helpful information. I also like that your site is still clear from too many ads, the one that showed up didn’t bother me at all.



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